Our customers know that they can count on Buffalo Electric.  We pride ourselves in our professional workforce and work to maintain industry standard work practices, safety requirements, background checking, and training initiatives, as shown in our list of associations.

Transportation Workers Identity Credentials (TWIC)

Our clients always know they can count on us to make sure that the team we provide has a secure background. In order to minimize the guesswork for our customers, each of our team members holds a Transportation Workers Identity Card (TWIC) which ensures credentials are valid and identities are verified.



A Transportation Workers Identity Card (TWIC) is issued to contractors and their employees as a matter of credentialed security for those requiring unescorted access to secure areas. In order to cam n TWIC an individual must be a U.S. citizen or all into an eligible immigration category and cannot have been convicted of certain crimes. In addition individuals cannot be connected to terrorist activity or lack mental capacity. 

NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association)

Buffalo Electric works to offer an experienced, well-rounded team of professionals who present a problem-solving approach to challenges. In addition, Buffalo Electric strives to set the standard in innovation by offering cutting edge technology to our clients.  These goals, along with our commitment to training and safety fall directly in line with our membership in the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)


Buffalo Electric has established strong, long-standing relationships within the community by promoting electrical safety and safe workplace practices from the bidding process to the end of all projects. We meet or exceed all governmental regulations and compliance requirements, which we believe are the first steps to a safe, successful relationship with other companies.

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